Leading the Product 2020 (Digital)

Not your typical product conference !

Leading the product was held digitally this year for the first time since its inception 5 years ago. Brainmates team has done an amazing job pulling an awesome event which was attended by over 600 amazing product people.

I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it would have been for the team to organise an all virtual conference with so many moving parts and speakers joining from across the world. Everything was meticulously planned and the organisers made sure that attenedes remain engaged throughout the day by making the session interactive.

The whole session was divided into 7 Sections, coined as 7 P’s of Product and each was covered by industry leaders jam packed with a lot of actionable insights, below are some key takeaways

1. Problem

Don’t start with the problem, set your business goals first to work out what problems to focus on.
Caitlin Blackwell (Head of Product, Seek)

2. Purpose

You can leverage the power of purpose to engage and align your team to do great work by reminding them that they are part of something bigger, that what they are doing is changing the world, one product release at a time.
Frank McKenna, (CPO, Covidence)

3. Position

Fight a fight you can win through positioning.
April Dunford (Author of “Obviously Awesome”)

4. Performance

You can’t fly a plane without instrumentation, you can’t manage your product without business instrumentation that displays data and insights.
Steven Haines (Author of “The Product Manager’s Survival Guide”)

5. Pricing

If you get everything else about pricing wrong, but your value metric is right, you’ll be OK.
Patrick Campbell (Founder, ProfitWell)

Product Managers should differentiate their product through transparent pricing to win their customer’s trust.
Christine Sou (Product Lead, Transferwise)

6. Promotion

Your user’s commitment to your product is the key to organic growth from product-let promotion.
Klass Raaijmakers (Head of Product, Stan)

7. Practice

A product practice is based on what we do and how we do it. You can’t have one without the other.
Kate Leto (Author of Hiring Product Managers)

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
Jeremiah Lee (Head of Engineering, Invision)

Jeremieh also covered Why Spotify model failed and why even Spotify is not using the Spotify Model.

Some books which were suggested throughout the whole day.

I am already looking forward to LTPCON 2021.

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